HZR080 Belt Driven, Roller Wheel, Z-Axis Linear Actuator

The HZR is a high speed, extremely stiff, belt driven actuator for use in vertical applications. Utilizing the same roller wheels as the HPLA/HLE products, the HZR080 can move up to 750N at up to 5m/s and is designed to support dynamic loading conditions...
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The ultimate solution for high speed gantry systems requiring a stiff, rugged vertical axis, the HZR series is ideally positioned for high speed automation. This unit is optimally suited for the dynamic loading and mechanical demands of a high speed vertical axis in a multi-axis gantry system. High throughput lifting and transporting were at the heart of the design considerations for the HZR.  

The carriage of the HZR incorporates the same roller wheel bearing as our industry leading HPLA and HLE product lines. Roller bearings completely wrap the exterior of the hardened aluminum extrusion body to give the highest moment loading capacities possible so as to support the high horizontal acceleration of the load. The drive mechanism is integrated into the carriage eliminating the need for cable management to the motor during vertical travel. The wear-free, steel reinforced timing belt provides very large traction forces, which is ideal given the high acceleration of the vertical motion.

HZR080 Belt Driven, Roller Wheel, Vertical Axis, Rodless Linear Actuator Features:
o Profile Width : 80mm
o Load capacities up to 750 N
o Thrust force capacities up to 2827 N
o Strokes up to 1500mm
o Velocity up to 5 m/s
o Positional repeatability of +/- 0.2mm
o Designed for vertical axis applications
o Rugged construction for heavy duty applications
o Timing belt and pulley drive mechanism for fast, accurate positioning
o Standard and Extended length carriage options for extended moment loading capacity
o Integrated carriage and drive mechanism
o Torsion resistant housing
o High vertical acceleration


轮廓宽度(毫米) 80
驱动类型 Belt
轴承类型 Roller Wheel - Polyamide
最大冲程(毫米) 1500
最大冲程(英寸) 59
最大速度(米/秒) 5
最大速度(英寸/秒) 200
最大加速度(米/ s2) 5
最大加速度(英寸/ s2) 197
最大推力FX (牛顿) 2827
最大推力FX (磅) 636
典型载荷FZ(N) 200 - 750
最大有效载荷FZ(牛顿) -
位置可重复性(+ / -毫米) 0.2
位置可重复性(+ / -英寸) 0.008
惰轮单元选择 No
额外的保护选项 None
耐腐蚀的选择 No
证书 -
线性反馈装置 No
IP评级 IP30
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